Kirstin Hall

Ms. Hall is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She provides private and organizational training, consultation services, and BCBA Supervision. During her 11 years of experience, Ms. Hall has worked with scores of families around the country to help develop the best educational and behavioral programs for their children, based on cutting edge research and evidence-based practices in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. As the Mother of a young child diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, Ms. Hall has first-hand experience with the joys and challenges of having a “special needs” child. Such practical experience has given Ms. Hall a unique perspective essential to the application of Behavior Analysis in day-to-day life, as well as contributed to her belief that it is essential to cooperatively collaborate with all members of the child's developmental team in order to promote consistency and maximize outcomes. Committed to continuously developing knowledge of the best available scientific evidence regarding the characteristics of developmental disorders (such as Autism Spectrum Disorders), implications of those characteristics for designing and implementing treatment programs, and the impact such characteristics may have on family and community life, Ms. Hall is often provided to participate in local and national research project that promote such commitment. Her mission is to guide and support families effected by behavior disorders, developmental delays, and intellectual disabilities, by designing, implementing, and eventually fading quality behavioral programs for their children. As the quest for a cure continues, she feels it is her duty as a specialist to support families in their pursuit to improve their quality of life and to lead their children further down the path toward independence. She strives for each family to feel they are not alone, they are a priority, and to feel reassured they will not become lost in the shuffle. Ms. Hall specializes in the advocacy of the child, the education and support of the family, and the promotion of effective Applied Behavior Analysis practice.