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BCBA/BCaBA Supervision

With Kirstin

BACB Hour Supervision Requirements

·      The maximum number of supervision hours the BACB allows to qualify for the exam application are as follows:

BCBA- 75 total supervision hours, not to exceed 6 hours per month

BCaBA- 50 total hours, not to exceed 6 hours per month   

·      You must work a minimum of 10 clinical hours per week, for three out of four weeks of the month, to qualify for supervision. To determine the maximum amount of weekly supervision you are eligible to receive, calculate 5% of the time you are engaged in clinical work. –The maximum number of clinical hours you may claim per week is 30 hours. (Although you may work 40+ hours per week, you can only claim 30 clinical hours per week for your supervision.)

For example~

You work 20 hours per week:

20hrs x .05 = 1 hour supervision needed per week

You work 30 hours per week:

30hrs x .05 = 1.5 hour supervision needed per week

You work 40 hours per week (*can only claim 30 of your 40 hours):

30hrs x .05 = 1.5 hour supervision needed per week

        *We must meet a minimum of once every two weeks.

·      Total number of clinical hours needed to apply for the exam (remember, you can only claim up to 30 hours per week):

BCBA - 1500 total clinical hours

Based on a full-time workweek, this will take approximately 50 weeks.

BCaBA – 1000 total clinical hours

Based on a full-time workweek, this will take approximately 33.5 weeks.

We will both keep a running log of your supervision hours throughout the course of your supervision


Meeting Agenda

·      Every other week we will meet to discuss your current cases, clinical applications of items from the BACB Task List, and/or to review topics in preparation for the exam.

·      You may be given homework assignments (e.g., articles to read, videos to watch, techniques to apply, etc.) to complete prior to our next meeting that will complement the topics we review. 

·      Observing you in action is essential to the supervision process. Direct supervision options:

-       Scheduling a session in which I observe you onsite, as you work with a client

-       Scheduling a session in which I observe you live, via video-conferencing online, as you work with a client

-       Recording a video while working with a client and sending it to me for review prior to our next meeting

As is the nature of our field, you will more than likely experience situations in which you would like to immediately seek advisement. As your partner during the course of your supervision, I try to make myself as available to answer your questions and address your concerns as possible. All supervisees are welcome to contact me via phone and/or e-mail prior to our scheduled supervision sessions.



·      Each practitioner creates her own fee structure for supervision. I base my supervision fee on the fee schedule I was responsible for as I worked toward my certification of $75 per hour.

·      Each supervisee meets with me to create his own payment plan, based on his needs and current situation.

Each week you work in the field, your clinical hours are ticking. I do not want you to lose the ability to claim those valuable hours of experience and will work with you on your payment plan to ensure we can get all of your hours to count.    

·      I value your time and will do everything in my power to notify you of a needed scheduling adjustment as soon as possible. Likewise, I expect you to extend the same courtesy. If you must cancel our supervision session with less than 24 hours notice, and we are unable to schedule a make-up appointment within the week, you will be responsible for the full supervision fee. I understand that some unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from canceling our session in advance. We will discuss such circumstances as needed.


Group Supervision

·      Supervision within a group can be a lot of fun! -Especially if you work in the field together. However, when it is time to apply for and sit for the exam you will be on your own. Therefore, the Board will only approve up to 50% of your supervision hours be conducted in a small group setting (10 people or less).

·      Compensation for Group Supervision will be calculated at a discount of $75/hour for the first Supervisee and $37.50/hour for each additional Supervisee.

 * Please note: This information is provided as a courtesy for reference purposes only. Please refer to the BACB website for the most accurate and up to date information about becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at: